App Store Optimization- Keyword Tips for Google Play, App Store

Tips to get high rank for your mobile app

The far reaching development that mobile apps have made is very fascinating and praiseworthy. Nevertheless, the main negative mark is that it is troublesome for clients to discover new and inventive applications in the competitive app market.

Since there is an immense inflow of applications in the business sector, mobile app developers are loaded with work. The issue lies in the way that these developers need to make applications perceive as well as even need to do different works like maintenance, monetization and drive engagement for their clients.

Notwithstanding that discovering applications in the Apple App store is not very easy as there are constrained search options and visibility. In this manner, unless you know the application’s name, it is not going to be simple for you to discover the application that you need. It will be not difficult to discover famous applications like Angry Birds, candy crush and so on. So simply image the situation of less renowned or new applications. Doubtlessly it is going to be a troublesome task if you don’t know the name of the specific app you are looking for.

Here are some of SEO tips that you can immediately follow with a specific end goal to get your applications over the first page of search results.

Best mobile app development is not the thing that require to get good rank for your mobile app, in addition  good promotion is required. It is essential that you utilize broad customary SEO methods. Other than finding in the Apple Store, clients can even utilize the search engines in order to download their most loved applications. So it is important that your applications ought to come in the first page of the web search tool result.

One path is through back -inks and it can make your application’s name unmistakable as the query item. The tip that you use to push your mobile application is like that of advertising your digital asset or blog.

An alternate critical viewpoint that you have to do is pick a decent name for the application. This will significantly have a positive effect on website development as well as mobile application market. Make a point to pick pertinent keywords in the application’s name to depict the application.

Keyword choice is something else that you have to remember. The keyword picked ought to be expressive and custom-made to the focused on gathering of people. This is an exceptionally imperative venture as the magic word holds the most weightage in the hunt calculation after the application’s name. So attempt to streamline all the decisive words that you have for at least 100 characters including spaces.

Have a key methodology while picking the class for your application. The class that is picked ought to be well-suited to the capacity that the application does. Classes like lifestyle, gaming, and amusement are exceedingly aggressive ones and you have to have a mindful approach on picking the best class which could help you to achieve the expected clients/gathering of people.

It is additionally vital that you upgrade the portrayal of the application. Despite the fact that it might not have an enormous plus points in the Apple’s iTunes services, however in the Google web search tool it assumes a vital part. To accomplish a decent positioning in the Google look engine, you need to improve the key content of the application that you submit. Keep a decent concentration on the initial two sentences as it is the thing that individuals will be seeing.

To be honest, the most ideal approach to get more traffic to your site is by combining up these tips. They are certain to provide for you the best result.

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m commerce

How Smartphones Usage Is Effecting Shopping Trend?

Smartphones has not only changed the life style of the customers but also the buying pattern of the users. According to statistics, people are increasingly spending time with retailers over the mobile that have made obvious that the retailers needs to transform their e-commerce business to m-commerce. Retailers can get loyal mobile customers implementing innovative mobile strategies.

Mobile App developers and designers have significantly contributed lot many applications for shopping that keep the people enticed with their smart gadgets. According to a study, about 1.2 billion of people access websites from their mobile phones. Startlingly about 15 percent of online traffic is from m-commerce or mobile shopping. Also, it is identified that out of 5 users, 4 people prefer to shop online suing their mobile phones.

The e-commerce websites are made mobile compatible using responsive web design. As a result, the website resets itself automatically to fit to the dimensions of various mobile phones. It decreases the resistance in between the web and mobile commerce apps. The key attraction of m-commerce is- it is freely available to complete purchases and payment modes are very flexible to use.

Smartphone users are allowed to complete payment for online shopping using their debit/ credit cards or PayPal or Internet Banking or even by phone call also. It is expected that in the coming four years, about 50 percent of the mobile phone users complete shopping prefer to use m-wallet to complete transactions. But using barcode scanning is essential while making online payments.

One key benefit of m-commerce is that it enables to evaluate the prices by comparing it with others prior to making purchase. About 47 per cent of the users confessed that they use mobile phones to surf information about the regional stores and about 67 per cent of the users check the prices over mobile before purchasing. Whereas about 42 percent of the users verify the inventory before shopping and about 60 per cent of consumers buy staying at home itself.

 Performing product research assists the consumer to ensure the credibility of the product before buying. The advantage of m-commerce is that it enables you to trace the retailer over the map with the help of mapping or GPS app. To embed all these functionalities, the efforts of Android App Development Company and iPhone Development Company are vital.

Smartphones provide rich user experience (UI) that impacts the buying behavior of the users. If the site content loads very slowly or if the transaction process is too low- about 30 percent of the users prefer to leave that website. It is a thumb rule that the more the website takes time to load, the more negative will be user experience. Hence, it is vital that the e-commerce websites are tailored and customized to suit for mobile devices.  Success of every m-commerce depends on the mobile app developers that design those applications.

A best impact that e-commerce website shows on smartphone is- it generates a brand name. Users tend to suggest the m-commerce site if they found it useful.

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IPhone Applications are counted as the best business networkers- Know Why?

IPhone Applications are counted as the best business networkers- Know Why?

Earlier everybody had a social secretary whose responsibility is to maintain better relations in personal as well as social network. In almost all the companies, social secretaries had the essential role of making arrangements, overseeing correspondence, developing the contact database, and obviously keeping connected with the benefactors updated with the latest happenings the benefit of closest partners and friends.  

It is amazing to realize that the focal point of this intense profession has passed away, yet there is a requirement for organization expertise which has developed as the current networkers have a humongous measure of day by day communication to be carried out and there is even a new manifestation of informal communication. Furthermore that specific social secretary is the iPhone.

Mobile professionals have said that while there are anxiety trying numerous programming titles for reference, they have even figured out that a large portion of the key applications perform the devoted operation of the left social secretary services effortlessly and realized an extraordinary change in the first one. Genuinely, it is not a surprise that iPhone is the compelling and the best assistant for the inventive networkers.

The ability of the gadget is good to the point that it even puts the workstation behind particularly regarding the contact rundown that you have and even blends the GPS, Wi-Fi, web searching, Bluetooth, and so forth. Indeed the applications which are available in the given arrangement of iPhone gadgets can make incredible systems administration force devices and it is an extraordinary approach to truly detachable the social motor to get great bits of knowledge and even draw a suitable measure of associations with your system which you may have not spotted.

It is a typical knowledge among the vast majority of the professional networkers that the occupation is not about attempting to create and construct your system as watching out for one will truly fabricate your one and even development will take after characteristically. One flawless sample is the Contacts Journal and this is truly effective, as it enormously helps in logging your discussions and staying aware of the tabs on particular individuals and also undertakings. 

So initially, you can see the whole individual history alongside the particular contact points of interest including the one where you have talked last. There are different applications which are really spent significant time in helping you to discover the correct individual when you require them. 

To finish up, it is truly essential to realize that great social secretaries cannot just keep your normal activities sorted out however even you keep you be in touch with the known contacts. 

OM-IT Solutions is a leading provider of iPhone app development services. We design and develop both enterprise level as well as normal applications on iPhone platform. If you are looking for iPhone App development solutions, contact us

Difference Between Enterprise Apps & Consumer Apps

Unveiling The Difference Between Enterprise Apps & Consumer Apps

It has been a long while since the launch of smart phones and mobile apps. Today, every person in the world knows what is a mobile app? because of famous apps, for example, whatsapp, angry birds, candy crush saga and Facebook. The true purpose for mobile applications is to help individuals complete works rapidly, faultlessly, and above all more proficiently. Truth be told, the greater part of the current application clients are after enjoyment. To be sure, the pleasure of utilizing applications is the thing that makes them turn into viral, however the focus must be on the reducing troubles and streamlining of methods. Application designers are continually teaching the masses on the compassion of portable devices, and at some point or another, both shoppers and agents would begin making use of smartphone aps to accomplish higher objectives. Presently, buyer driven applications are more prominent than modern applications.

Very few realize the fact that the mobile apps might be utilized to improve business operations or enhance efficiency. Since such business to business apps are not normally found in the application stores, even a number of the entrepreneurs are unmindful of the benefits of the Enterprise mobile apps. Clear understanding of customer applications and the enterprise mobile applications will help entrepreneurs to use mobile apps for the progression of the business. Consumer applications are those that are accessible in the application stores. Android and iOS apps recorded under different classifications, for example, entertainment, health, games, finance, news, music, and travel, among others help the buyers in their regular works. Despite the fact that a couple of enterprise mobile apps are circulated through application stores, normally organizations are interested in getting their own mobile apps.

Both enterprise apps and consumer driven apps can be created to run on any platform, for example, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and Android among others. Consumer applications generally satisfy the needs of the normal man. Shopper applications frequently have enthusiastic designs and are intended to pull in buyers to use it. B2B smartphone applications, then again, are gone for giving better cooperation, expanding the benefit, help in the advertising of items, and services offered by organizations. Not at all like the creative designs of the consumer applications, undertaking mobile phone applications are more functional and concentrate on improvement of business methods.

Nonspecific operations and information would suffice in creating consumer driven applications. Enterprise applications are produced for individual organizations and are relied upon to satisfy the particular needs of the individual organizations. Client driven applications could be either a standalone application or coordinated to a backend. On the other hand, modern applications just serve as a mobile interface for an effectively existing framework. Enterprise application engineers have a sound expertise in making the whole Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) to use the application in an enterprise environment.

Creating customer e applications may cost some hundred or thousand bucks. Enterprise applications are absolutely much costlier than customer applications. Security is not all that essential for consumer driven mobile applications, unless the target is world class bunch or the application manages any account. Enterprise applications, then again, are given most extreme security peculiarities, for example, client name/ secret word, encryption/decoding and MDM programming to secure the private organization information.

If you are looking for enterprise or consumer mobile app development, please contact us.

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4 Tips For Better Web Development Services

4 Tips For Better Web Development Services

If you are eagerly waiting for developing a website for your business, then this article is for you. designing a website is not a rocket science, if you take the services of a good web development company.

When once you are done with finding a best Web Design and Development Company, your work is half done. Your effort, energy and time spent on developing a website will be greatly reduced. However, if you are a web developer, then you have to consider lot many things. Designing a great website means giving a competitive edge to your career. So we suggest you to be careful and follow these tips which can be very useful.

#1 Find Reasons And Never Miss The Context

 Always remember this formula while developing website. If you are having a good target and clear context, then obviously you will get outcomes. An essential thing for a responsive web design and development is- you have to follow this formula. This formula acts as a basic element which you can target at. Stay focused on your context and keep working on your web design.

The purpose of target is to let you know what you have to achieve and what you want. Here you are creating context in line with your target. Sometimes, context and target can be same otherwise different. 

#2 Don’t Get Carried Over By The Idea Of Layout And Design

Don’t come to a conclusion that the layout and design of the website are same initially. This is mainly because in case of responsive web design, it is usually beyond this specific concept and sometimes it is complex to realize these aspects.  A web development company needs to know all these things. 

#3 Never Overload With Flexible Grids And Vector Graphics

For any website, vector graphics become the highlights. Choose vector graphics that are precise and should be of appropriate size. The reason behind this is- they can stay proper and crisp irrespective of website’s size and dimensions. 

#4 Managing Content

As an owner of a web development company, you need understand the importance of content and place them appropriately. From the initial phases, start thinking about the content upfront and plan accordingly.

Ensure that you participate in brainstorming sessions along with all your teammates and get best ideas out of their enthusiastic brains.

Finally, a web developer or web designing company has to realize the fact that website visitors and owners are the ultimate persons who decides their future. If any one of them are not happy with the web design, then understand that your success will not come easily.

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Magento- A Boon For E-Commerce Businesses

Magento- A Boon For E-Commerce Businesses

Magento is the most preferable e-commerce platform for most of the leading e-commerce businesses and holds approximately 150, 000 users. Basically, Magento is adapted to develop online stores of all sizes and types. Magento is a promising platform that provides constant updates and offers rich features and tools improve visibility of the websites in the fast paced online market. That’s why most of the online brands go for Magento for developing their e-commerce store.

Here is a note on what makes Magento special, have a look at it: 

Unbeatable features

For the online stores which are developed using Magento, the customer services and customer interaction can be done smoothly with absolutely no trouble. Magento helps business gain better customer satisfaction from its smart features such as customized from, account creation, currency conversion and multi lingual interface.

Easily accessible admin

Magento platform offers an easy to use e-commerce admin so that the owners of shopping carts can add new catalogues, edit existing ones, upload product images, manage orders, shipment, inventory and establish multiple payment modes.

Marketing tools

Magento has a rich collection of promotional and marketing tools to facilitate the e-commerce businesses. For example, Cross sell and Up Sell options are useful to improve the order values. Furthermore, Magento consists of multiple pricing options which generate huge sales leads.

 Easy Customization

Magento platform is developed using the concept of clean code arrangement. Also, its integration features make it highly trouble-free while working with various third party applications, extensions and API’s.

 Facility to run multiple stores at a time

Using Magento platform you can be able to run more than one online stores for the same products with different shopping options and prices in a single page view.  

 Currency Converter

Currency converter is an option which you cannot find with any other e-commerce platforms. This features enables the users to flexibly convert the currency to desired ones, shop and make the payment.

 Search Engine Friendly

Magento enables you to integrate search engine optimization tool to your e-commerce site with the help of developers and designers.

Development of online shopping carts using Magento offers unique functionalities and features that provides high flexibility to control the design, online store, content and other. The Magento shopping cart provides sensible functionalities to handle your shipping payment, catalog, search engine optimization, order management, product browsing and other promotional activities with great ease.

So choose a best custom web development company to get your e-commerce website done. For more information on Magento Development or to hire a Magento Developer, kindly visit our website:

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6 Must-avoid Website Design Mistakes

6 Must-avoid Website Design Mistakes

Designing stunning and engaging websites is not an easy task. Balanced mixture of creativity, designing expertise and proper decision making are required to make a perfect website. Though people are following this basic principle, there is something missing which is hindering the actual potential of your website.  In this article, we shed light on common mistakes that should be avoided. Have a look at it.

Absence of a mobile version

Not having a mobile website is like rejecting 50% of the customers, since almost 5 out of ten users access websites their mobile devices itself. Hence, not developing a mobile version to your website is just unacceptable in this age of mobility and technology. Users surfing on smart gadgets and devices will go for alternatives, if you do not have a mobile website.

 No clear call to action

Decide on what you want visitors to do when once they entered your site. Would you want them to purchase a service or product; enroll to your newsletter else contact you? After entering your website, you have to guide visitors about the next step and what all they can get from the website. But how to guide them is the question that rises here- answer is simple your content must answer their queries.

 Go for Solid Color Backgrounds

Though it depends mainly on your target audience and subject of your website, adapting a single background color for the entire page is outdated now. Subtle design components will make a huge difference between users selection of your website from others and motivates them to purchase your product/ service or enroll to your newsletter. Hence it is vital to give utmost importance to these design elements. If you do not wish to use a full page image for your website background, go for a gradient theme.

 Adapting a variety of design elements

Though you want to use an aesthetically rich layout, there exists a thin line in between an expert web design and an overstuffed web design. Make sure that the color pattern you use is simple and consists of two to three key colors. In addition, try to not include too many pictures which distracts the visitor from the main functionality of your website.

Using Flash

Flash is a very critical element when it comes to web design and development. However, now-a-days, it is deemed as a non-functional disturbance. Flash is a clear-cut no since it will obstruct most of the mobile users from seeing the pages and content. Flash elements have to be replaced with CSS, JavaScript and HTML since all of these languages are highly versatile in showing dynamic content.

 Wrong design

Are you using typical fonts like Tahoma, Georgia, Times New Roman while designing your website? Then it is the time to leave them all. Tailored fonts are highly used for website design now-a-days and it is a smart decision to invest on any of those custom designed fonts for your website. Users accessing web pages from mobile may have faced trouble sometimes, however the default popular fonts are displayed in such scenarios. 

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Six Promising Testing Tools For Mobile Website

Six Promising Testing Tools For Mobile Website

It is not an exaggeration if I tell you “almost everyone has a smartphone today”. It implies that most of the users tend to use this devices to do the things which they would usually do with their laptop or desktop- checking mails, browsing etc. So it is very important to focus on looks of mobile websites. To do this, some tools are available in the market that makes your work easier. In this post, let’s have a quick review of six of such tools available:


To make use of this tool, first give your Website URL. Then it conducts different types of compatibility tests like Site Test, Page Test etc., and generates a free report. The report consists of score rated on a scale of 1 to 5 and through evaluation of pages to estimate how better your website is performing over all mobile devices.

Opera Mini Simulator

It is a real-time simulator for the Opera Mini browser. Its working principle is similar to that of mobile devices.

iPad Peek

iPad Peek is a tool that lets you determine the compatibility of your website with respect to the Apple iPad screen.  This plays an important role in iPad app development process. This is more suitable when you are using browser based on webkit such as Apple Safari or Chrome so as to get greatest level of simulation possible for webpage.


Gomez tool assesses the performance of your website upon a mobile device. It evaluates your website considering thirty well known, foolproof mobile web development methods. It scores your page on a band of 1-5 points. It is a tool that provides suggestions on improving your webpage and how to enhance its compatibility with the mobile web browsers.

W3C mobileOK Checker

This tool implements tests on your site in order to check its mobile friendliness and rate it. If your webpage can pass through its evaluations, then you webpage is mobile compatible.


This is not a simulator at all. It allows you to 320/ 480 websites that goes with the screen specifications of iPhone. Iphoney provides you a canvas using which you can run test to check the visual quality of the website designs.

App Development With HTML5- A Review Of Pros & Cons

App Development With HTML5- A Review Of Pros & Cons

Before choosing between HTML5 and new development methods, it is important to know what HTML5 actually is.

HTML5 is a coding markup language to build applications and web page content which is compatible with mobile as well as desktop browsers. HTML5 is the improvised version of the legacy HTML integrating a choice of new features such as sophisticated audio and video features, improved storage capacity and high integration with device related tools. HTML5 is commonly used to develop the same app over multiple devices, however this method has its own pros and cons.

Let’s discuss about the cons or challenges first, including:

  • Sluggish performance, sine data and screen components may require to be pulled down for each page.
  • Less cache space/ storage for instant recovery of elements in online as well as offline modes.
  • Poor user interface (UI), since several device specific features are unable to be accesses through browser like bar code readers, NFC, camera and soon.
  • Lastly, the user interface and data components don’t always compatible with the form factors of the browser that is used, owing to issue of browser fragmentation over the market and possibly offering a sub-par UI.

Nevertheless, HTML5 has remarkable benefits too: 

  • A considerable reduction in the effort and time reaching the market, since the application developed goes well with all browsers over multiple devices.
  • Easily identifiable, as applications are not required to be submitted to App Store.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Easily upgradable for application (HTML5 comes as an open source programming language which almost all developers know and prefer to use. Also the app can be updated easily with no need for re-submitting to the app store).
Finally, it is important to first get clarity on what are the operational requirements, challenges to decide the appropriate development method that works for you. HTML5 may not be end-all solution for everyone, yet instead a powerful means for providing content as well as experiences which can best service needs and expectations of your user groups using variety of devices. 
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Incredible Features of New Blackberry 10 Platform

Incredible Features of New Blackberry 10 Platform

These days Blackberry is scoring better in the market with few yet special features like QWERTY keypad. However, the emergence of touch screen technology and smart mobile devices made have shown a great impact on Blackberry Rim resulting into its downfall in the mobile arena. But blackberry didn’t gave up, it has given entry into the market with its new features which are industry demanding. The latest version- Blackberry 10 has come up with new outlook by adapting RIM’s core technologies and embed touch screen keypad.

Blackberry 10 is breaking into the market with huge expectations due to its matchless features. Have a look at few remarkable features of Blackberry 10:

Interface– the UI is designed to offer easy navigation with high sensitivity.

Browsing- the operating system of Blackberry 10 supports HTML 5 for improved browsing experience.

Blackberry hub- “Hub” is announced as a new feature in Blackberry 10. It works as the focal point to manage all emails, messaging and social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Users can now edit/update their profile information and comment on posts with Hub option.

Confidential/Professional Data– The excellence of Blackberry 10 is revealed by its capacity to manage personal as well as professional data individually with QNX feature. With this feature, user can easily differentiate the personal and official information.

Calendar & Appointments– Blackberry 10 has unique features that are appealing to the business people. It offers calendar options to make a note about their appointments and schedule their calendar accordingly. With this, it is easy to refer back to a recent appoint of a person and obtain more information about the person over Twitter or LinkedIn. Also, email follow up is very easy, you can do it without even opening browsers every time.

Numerous open apps– The Blackberry 10 has the ability to manage 8 open apps at a time on the mobile screen using the active frame option to minimize them.

Keyboard- Touchscreen board is the key attraction for new Blackberry 10 mobile. It senses the most typed words and evaluate to give suggestions on corrections in addition to Swiftkey option.

Multiple shot picture- Blackberry 10 consists of time shift camera that allows user to take a different snaps of a same picture and chose best out of them.

The features listed about are some of the key features that are announced till now, since release of Blackberry 10 is much anticipated for releasing other features. The fact is there is a huge scope for Blackberry 10 developers, since its platform is quite favorable. In reality, majority of the Android applications can be transformed to match with Blackberry 10 platform with some minute modifications. Blackberry 10 is expected to sweep the market with its new look and gain the hearts of Blackberry users.

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